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what really started the war

here's what really started "the war": a couple, starting in the 1930s, produced nothing but girls. there might've been boys, but i got the sense that they'd been done away with as a cruel trick on this couple who just wanted a boy. i looked down the list, and -- sure enough -- they were all female and close in age. they'd even tried fertility treatments, supposedly with no luck. so the big family waded through a body of water, all on each others' shoulders. coming up on their left was a big waterslide, and everyone freaked, yelling, "nooo!" there was a mad scramble to get down and away from the father. some ended up underwater and out of breath. a smaller bunch went past the slide and into international waters, where they were seen by a warship. so it began...

10:42 p.m. - 2003-08-02


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