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self-correcting html, obstacles

dreamed up a self-correcting html layout. it was actually a cool beach design with a black background and white text, with a scroll in the middle and pictures on either side, but when i first put it up it looked funny. i hit refresh and my archives shot up to the top, each year written in sand and everything else properly arranged.

then i dreamed i was running through the neighborhood behind mine, following the same path that i normally do in my car. it's a shortcut to avoid traffic lights, but it's not so short on foot! i decided to rest in someone's desert-landscaped front yard, panting beside a long hedge. there were a lot of bushes and rocks and things to trip over and maneuver around in the yard, but i surveyed it carefully and would have made it out fine had i not woken up first.

1:12 p.m. - 2005-06-06


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