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social anxiety and chinese donuts

first i dreamed i was going to go to my high school reunion. i went into the bathroom to do my hair, which looked nice already, and proceeded to mess it up hopelessly. even the back looked dumb by the time i'd finished, but i decided to just go anyway. when i went to put my shoes on, the inner color on one was permanently on the outside. and the inner color? was black. on a cognac-colored shoe. i was terribly frustrated.

some time later, appearance forgotten, i was sent out on an inane task with a relative. my dad wanted me to go to a fast food place and order like 68 "chinese donuts." he gave me a bigass tray and sent me forward, and for some reason i was beyond embarrassed. i looked around at everyone and wondered what they'd think when they saw me with 68 donut holes. what if they didn't have that many? i divided the amount and thought about where else to go, then woke up.

12:57 p.m. - 2005-06-05


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