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sewer hot

i parked my car next to the mexican border and peered into a sewer grate chock full of rotting lettuce. several hundred feet down was a beautiful girl who couldn't or wouldn't hear me yelling for her. she was very well dressed and was probably the girl we saw at the wynn the other night. ah, to be young and that beautiful!

i looked inside my taco bell bag and saw the contents spread messily all over. "the hell?" i asked myself and my companion, "i thought i ate this?" i grasped the bag and the edges of a tortilla, trying to jiggle the ingredients back in place. somewhere in "the bag" (which was really someplace inside the sewer) i saw a hot sauce packet. only, i just couldn't reach it no matter how i twisted my hand around. oh, fer puke!

12:00 p.m. - 2006-05-08


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