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first i dreamed that leo forgave me and we hooked up at a hotel. just before we got frisky eugene walked in the door and i had to sneak leo out (silly). leo was wearing an orange and yellow bandana and looked like a little columbian thug! when eugene came in, he had something around his head too. i noticed them both but didn't say anything. finally i decided to just walk leo out and let the two of them cross paths. yuck...

then i dreamed i ran into a dead girl and told her that her parents had never really divorced. uh, say what? and the party/concert where we were had a district court lookup where you could see if it were true. as the church lady would say, how conveeeenient! michele & her friends looked it up while i made a hasty exit. why am i obsessed with this?

12:08 p.m. - 2006-05-17


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