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Dreamed I woke up

Dreamed I woke up from my actual hours-long nap and it was dark out. I decided to go out and get the mail, but when I exited the house it was really my workplace. A crowd of bicyclists were going by because it was an anniversary ride, and walking adjacent to that group was my father. I greeted him, telling him exactly what I just wrote, that I had just woken up and I thought I had been asleep quite a while. He agreed it had been several hours. I told him I'd been dreaming, and I mentioned that it had seemed to be about one thing but then I thought it was really about alcohol. I was going to talk to him about T but then instead of going to the mailbox I actually did wake up with the belief that I had napped "too long."

6:30 p.m. - 2018-05-25


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