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jukebox, billiard bricks

i don't remember it all now, but i started out cruising under a bridge with the family in a boat. nothing bad happened, so that was a nice change. eventually we docked somewhere and headed into a bar & grille for dinner. it was a nice bar, but they did have a jukebox so on a whim i decided to play something. while trying to choose the song i noticed a cabinet with another jukebox, so i went over to it to see the songs. when i opened the doors, there were about 8 players and i had no idea how to work them. i pushed a button and the whole thing slid back to reveal a pool table.

"oh hey, they have a pool table!" i exclaimed. this is funny because in waking life, i give less than a shit about billiards. when my dad leaned over to take his shot, the balls turned into bricks and he fell flat on his back in surprise. "oh my god," i exclaimed, "are you all right?" fortunately he seemed to be just stunned. i woke up after that.

2:31 p.m. - 2005-04-29


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