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george the sun lotion salesman

dreamed an old boyfriend of my mom's showed up to woo her with a letter. his name was george and he apparently sold suntan lotion, but he had no idea that my mother had married, started a family, and gone crazy in the years since they'd broken up. when my brother and i first arrived at our childhood house, our key didn't work in the lock. this is not surprising in retrospect because *we haven't lived there in 17 years*. duh. eventually we got into the house, and i tried to call my dad "at work," re: the strange man in the backyard. problem? i couldn't remember the number, also due to the fact that we've been gone from the city for 17 years. eesh. george eventually finished his catch-up note and affixed it to the back door. after he left, i read a little of it. he practically begged her to contact him on the "www," something definitely not happening as she's never even used a computer. i did let him know she was currently in "zellar," a mental facility formerly located in that town, but he didn't seem to get it. his lady was gone in more ways than one.

12:48 p.m. - 2005-04-28


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