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raver girl in water, a stolen car, fences

There was a stage facing a public street. It was night and several people were on the stage, slouched around, not performing. I was on it myself, hanging out. In front of the stage was a large tank of water, probably a good eight feet deep. What the four or five of us spontaneously decided was that it needed something in it, and that something was a raver chick. She had double yoyos strapped to her hands for dancing in the dark, but she was kind of unconscious. So we heaved her up and plopped her in the water like a dead body, sure that the yoyos would somehow support her weight and keep her afloat. She went face-down into the water and woke up shortly thereafter, wondering where she was and how she'd gotten there.

I was already on the street, watching, when she woke up. I took that as my cue to disappear down the avenue. I happened upon someone else (KW, midget pimp) and "we" decided to steal a car. Oh not just anyone's car... it of course HAD to belong to Chimp. I told him I wanted no part of this heist but I got in anyway. I made him dump the car a few streets away. I crossed the street to some church property and climbed over a short razor-wire fence to get onto their lawn. A black woman, older, joined. Then I had to climb another fence, a chain link one, and I didn't know how to get her over it as well. I woke up as we approached the fence.

8:45 a.m. - 2016-04-27


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