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Ice cream dog wash

Dreamed I found a BT puppy on B Highway and decided to give him a bath. I needed supplies, so I decided to improvise some. I was going to wash him with.... ice cream, but I thought it would be OK as long as I used the white kind, or pale pink.... I noticed some of it was bubble gum and tried to avoid the gum pieces. After mixing it mostly incompetently for 10-15 mins, I decided to try to find a sponge. I ended up taking one from someone else's supply bucket. Really classy there. And since it was an outdoor bath on B Highway, I really technically didn't have any water. By that time I had decided to keep the dog, cause what I really need in my life now is a feral puppy. The dream switched to retrieving swatches from the back of a furniture store. Why? I did not need any. It was a lot of walking, clambering around furniture and remarking on other people upholstery choices. I never did get all the way to the back.

This is a classic life direction anxiety dream.

11:46 a.m. - 2016-03-19


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