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just say no to hookah

guest entry. someone who smoked too much hookah last night dreamed that president bush faked a photo op to clean up the spilled blood of our fallen soldiers. for some reason, he poured fake blood on the ground of a popular hotel in las vegas and pretended to clean it up during a contrition speech. however, once the cameras stopped rolling, he immediately stopped and took off. "what the fuck?" asked the single spectator. "that's an outrage!" he began jumping up and down, waving frantically to attract the attention of a news helicopter flying overhead. when they came down to the ground, he gave the sky reporter quite an earful. at a hotel event later that evening, the president of the hotel came up to him and had a fit. "are you out of your mind, ranting like that on hotel property?? you've brought bad publicity! get out of here, you're fired!" the guy replied, "fired? you can't fire me, i don't WORK HERE!" "you know what i mean," the hotelier shot back. "you help out sometimes. you're not allowed anymore! get out."
(heh.) he apologized, saying he didn't think anyone would be focussed on the location of the incident, but it did nothing to diffuse the situation.

3:17 p.m. - 2005-04-19


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