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i "finally" watched one of rob r-h's quicktime movies about his family, and boy, what a flick it was: a full scale production written by rob, acted out by other journalers, and featuring special cameos by michael and joe jackson. the plot was suspenseful. their car was being loaded onto a tow truck parked right next to a swimming pool, and for some reason his daughter was still sitting in the car. before it was really secured, she threw two naked dolls out the window and into the pool. before anyone could fish them out, the front wheels of another car on the truck slipped out of their holders and the car lurched forward. rob was standing outside facing his own car, his arms outstretched as if to hold back the whole thing. he stepped away to confer with the tow truck driver when the jetta leaned sideways and plopped right into the water. everyone around, especially every journaler dressed to the nines, immediately jumped into the water to try to get her out and also raise the car.

the camera moved away from that horrifying scene to joe jackson, who was peering out a brownstone window. his face was unreadable, perhaps because michael was over. i could see joe's and michael's faces, and they looked cartoonish. we never got to know if schuyler was ok, but i suspect she was. with that many people working together to help her, how could she not be?

12:58 p.m. - 2005-04-22


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