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work has invaded my brain once again. this is mainly happening because a major campaign is starting next week, and another will be winding down soon. my involvement is simultaneously reduced and heavy, since i have to travel again in 2 weeks and i'm thinking about the joy of being crammed into a tiny plane seat in all my professional finery, thus deplaning completely wrinkled and ready to meet the clients. sign me up!

anywho, last night i dreamed my boss stopped by our church's palm sunday mass as i was parading down the aisle with my leaves. why was she there? she's not even catholic. she gave me a sideways look but kept quiet. then we were back in the office, sizing up a coworker who _seemed_ poverty stricken. he was old, looked sort of like tony curtis (who is anything but poor) and didn't really have that air of well-connectedness. however, just like c., he had lived the life of riley and practically built this town. i would never have guessed it. i was standing on the edge of the room, gazing at this individual obliviously making calls, when the scene changed again to his earlier home life. he had been an abusive drinker, always rubbing his looks and success in the face of his put-upon wife. no wonder i found him unremarkable.

3:40 p.m. - 2005-03-24


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