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jamie foxx, eleanor clift and a potty

1. i dated jamie foxx, and at some point we abandoned his car to catch a public bus. ??

2. l2 asked me to take over his apt. until he comes back, and my first order of business was to take a poop in his pristine bathroom. yuck! why? and a little piece fell out of the toilet and i had to scoop it up with some tissue. eww, eww, eww. after all that was cleaned up, i started putting my stuff in the drawers and around the sink. there were many drawers, and some of the lower ones were loaded with candy . well, whaddya know. who needs to worry about the rent when there's candy in the bathroom?!

out in the parking lot, a priest held a prayer meeting. at the end, he asked if there were any questions and one guy piped up in with a long-winded one. the priest remarked to the others, "this is the only group i've ever had and we never get to question #3." everyone laughed. a woman who looked remarkably like eleanor clift started talking then but everyone ignored her.

12:15 p.m. - 2005-03-25


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