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looked stupid, but i bought it anyway

yet another cake dream. picking something for my birthday, i was an ordinary grocery store customer. i chose something small with white trim, and wanted to decorate it myself. when i set it down on the counter, i discovered something neat: a bucket of buttercream that would change colors when i stirred it. i mixed it around until light blue was present, and then tried to get a bag ready. then i got my sleeve in this fudge or something, and picked up a bag of red by mistake. grr. eventually i just went with yellow and prepared to get the job done.

problem? some jag had already started writing on it. oh, that irritates me every time! i scraped off their work right off. there really wasn't enough room for me to write what i wanted, which was a birthday message, so i just wrote my name across its surface. the letters turned out to be scrawny and looked stupid, but i bought it anyway.

9:30 a.m. - 2004-03-04


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