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bacon and ice

since i fell asleep and missed having blt's for dinner, i dreamed that i opened up the fridge and ate the crispy pieces that had been left for me. they were super good, and was kind of surprised later when i realized it was just a dream.

then i dreamed that i was working to save a girl who'd been trapped in ice. i'm sure this dream was about me, about coming back to life, about thawing out and rejoining the social world. what happened was, i was sneaking around in someone's house as a guest, trying not to be discovered somewhere i wasn't supposed to be, when i went outside and discovered a girl trapped under a thick layer of ice. i used my bare hands to pull away the chunks and free her, and then i hurled the blocks away from me. i pulled her out of the encasement, slung her over my shoulder, and ran off into the woods with her. she didn't wake up or anything, but i got her out of there and took her away from it, and that was the important thing.

i think this carrying-the-girl-off dream came from seeing the n.e.r.d. video for "she wants you" or whatever two or three times this weekend.

1:08 p.m. - 2004-03-08


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