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our impending stint @ the local university's career day inspired this train wreck, as did i'm sure the snippet of porn i saw before falling asleep: i dreamed i kept seeing a girl walking across the campus who looked exactly like my boss, only it wasn't her. she was wearing a red rain slicker, fishnets, red stiletto shoes, and a black dress with a white headband. clearly she was a student, but a student what? hooker? jeez. then my boss would come around with her boss, the inimitable a., and it would positively throw me for a loop. g. decided to drive me and several co-workers to the event at the stadium, and i spent the trip in the backseat eating three hot dogs with ketchup... sans buns. i was on my way to a career fair, and my hands were covered in ketchup! what the fuck? no one else was doing this! what does this mean?

12:22 p.m. - 2006-02-13


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