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Soldtacker murder

Trying to get into a subway line through the back of a department store, like normally you would go to the fitting room. A man with a rope asked me how to get back there. I guess I gestured. There was no fee booth, no conductor. You just got in and that was that. The scene changed to a narrow staircase where a woman was in a lot of trouble. She was already naked and covered in blood. A Gene Shallit-esque man was telling her in her face that since she had previously thought she was pregnant but wasn’t, he felt she owed him a baby... so he was going to impregnate her that night and then cut it out of her. It was very dark. I was there possibly omnisciently. Somehow I got to the parking lot and was able to feel I could leave. I remember that her last name was Soldtacker which doesn’t appear to be real. I don’t think I had a cell phone. I passed someone in the parking lot but did not tell them to call 911.

8:29 a.m. - 2021-01-26


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