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Casual racism

I fell asleep in the afternoon and dreamed I was living in an old fixer upper with yellow vinyl seating and icky red 80s/90s tile on the floor. My cousin and his wife had come to visit, but his dream-wife was the Mrs. from the YouTube channel Our Rich Journey. We were out in the backyard where my cousin was doing air golf swings and his wife was musing about a passing construction vehicle. The entire area behind the house was back to desert and people were beginning to develop the neighborhood evidently. We went in the house and his wife started warning against Filipino contractors. Holy shitballs! I kind of reeled a bit, wondering what prompted this talk. She said there was a flyer on my counter. I said well, extra money... while my wheels were spinning like a reel slot. I said, “Easy fix! You can just check with the labor board!” Then I woke up immediately.

5:50 p.m. - 2021-01-15


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