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secrets and lies

dreamed someone told my father at my arranged marriage that i have a daughter. and where was my progeny? out in the car. why?? i told my dad sheepishly that it was true. i did have one, i had just had her, but we didn't discuss the name. frankly, i don't think she had one yet. he just hugged me and said he'd wished i'd told him before. i felt bad because i always thought he wouldn't accept it out of wedlock.

i went outside to fetch the baby. it definitely wasn't a newborn and looked nothing like me. i also did not know who the father was. classy! the baby disappeared before i got back into the house. i found myself running through the parking garage, trying to ditch an angry girl mob. what had i done now?? it seemed that i had ruffled some feathers while working in a gourmet produce store. isn't that always me, talking smack! i had to do some fast talking to get out of a fight. what do you know, it actually worked this time.

1:29 p.m. - 2008-01-26


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