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dreamed i was sitting in front of my computer at the announcements page. a "fight" had broken out among old users of the site over fake logins, and to my surprise i found a message listed by my own initials. i was in the process of trying to remember any of my old logins when it occurred to me that "EL" could just have easily meant the el train in chicago. instantly i was whisked to a subdream where two men were fighting on the outside of an el train. one guy wanted the other to jump to his death, and was reinforcing his request with a machine gun strapped to his back. i felt utterly anguished for the guy. he looked down in horror and refused to do it. eventually they jumped off the train and rolled onto the edge of the tracks. the gun actually hit the ground before either of them did. i went down to the ground and surveyed the tracks above. i thought i could shoot the gun into an opening and get the bad guy in the foot. however, i also thought that because his shoe was rubber it might ricochet back down and hit *me*. before i opened fire, the whole scene disappeared and i was back in front of the announcements page again, thankful i had stayed out of the fray.

11:42 p.m. - 2008-01-25


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