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i checked out a book yesterday called _postmortems_ and then dreamed i was within seconds of being murdered. but of course.

it had started out innocently enough. i drove through a smith's shopping center where i expected to see a b.r., but it was gone and so were the two shops next door. 'wow, i wonder when this happened?' i marveled. the three shops were in a state of renovation, but whatever was going in was probably a sleek spa -- floor to ceiling glass doors, etc. very modern.

i circled the lot and ended up in an altercation with some very angry thugs. they were really associates of e.'s, not mine obviously as i am a very white suburban type, but nevertheless they were pissed off. they knew e. "and what he was about," and despite that they were still mad because.. well who knows. i decided to get the fuck out of there and drove off. as luck would have it during these situations, some of them followed us. the one who was mostly following was on a moped. you'd think i could outgun his ass! but you would be wrong. it was a dream, you see. plus there were more people on our scent.

i drove to a school and we made a mad dash for the building. as we were going in, tons of people were pouring into the building to look for us. there was no place to hide. we clambered onto a stage and pried open the back door. as we snuck out the door, i saw people climbing over a chain link fence on the other side of the yard. "shit! we're fucked. you go that way and i'll go this way," i lamented. the ground was covered with a light layer of snow so running/hiding was difficult. e. ran to the chain link fence on the opposite side and disappeared. being a little curvy, i found it difficult to run fast and knew i was probably toast.

in the middle of the field were planters with all kinds of bushes and flowers. i tried to hide in them but the bad types were already all over them, looking for us. i laid face down in the flower bed and waited. soon enough our main headhunter found me and said some menacing words. apparently they thought i was a dj taking over from someone they liked better. nothing could have further from the truth. in desperation i thought i could sit up and show him i was just a very white person of the non-dj variety who got tangled up in this by accident, but i didn't move. he asked me who had shot me in the leg, but i had no response. i was hoping it wouldn't be him! then he started shooting from within feet of me. a bullet went into the dirt near my head. i knew i was about to die. i didn't cry but i was scared.

2:14 p.m. - 2008-01-25


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