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Wardrobe calories, leaving

Hillary Clinton shaved 500,000 calories off her wardrobe by switching to wrap dresses and sequined evening wear, including scarves and hats.

I myself got a nod for my ensemble from Wilman while she was apparently giving a TED talk or something.

Then I artfully removed J from my bedroom/life by reducing him to an annoying 9 year old type. Before he shrunk he was seeking a million kisses and it is very annoying to be extracting them from a partner who does not want to give them, but also does not want to fight. So when he was in the bathroom, his mother came over in towels, then left. He came out of the bathroom and said, someone just left, didn't they? I said yes but not who... But then somehow or another he left and it was just Frank and me again.

Then I dreamed I was walking up hills crushing rows of flowers... Hard to explain... Then I was with W & K stuffing a suitcase, but K was stopping me periodically because some of the pens were theirs.. Geez, really..

8:35 a.m. - 2015-12-21


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