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I was in a room similar to my parents' bedroom in Illinois, discovering artifacts of the lives of various family members. It seemed to be mostly my grandmother, although there were books with pictures of my mother also -- parties she'd attended, etc. Inside some of the books were bracelets, big clunky eyeglasses, and her opinions on fashion of all types. I had no idea she was such a fashionista. I opened another drawer elsewhere in the house and an alarm went off. I don't even know what was in there -- nothing of monetary value. It could have even been a soda can. But by God it was protected to the hilt. Thus I seemed to need to get out of there in a hurry... but I wanted to go back and rescue the stuff belonging to my family before I was forced out. The house had changed to Rwood. It was nighttime; the kitchen light was on. Mom's stuff was in the master closet and lined up along the wall. I didn't have the time or the place to put this newly found crap/treasure. I felt somewhat anxious so I put a post-it on one to tell "them" to save it for me. Whoever was coming didn't know me and didn't care about what I wanted to save -- I knew that. I woke up before getting anything out of the house.

8:59 a.m. - 2015-11-20


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