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work sex dream

god. last night i had a sex dream about the president of my company, a man whom i am in no way sexually interested. i dreamt first that i went to someone's mansion, and was astounded by how high the ceilings were -- cathedral ceilings of at least fifty feet. also, the couch was simply enormous. it had to have been at least twelve feet high, and i couldn't imagine how anyone managed to sit on it! the party at the mansion was by invite only, and i was nervous being there without a date. a. turned up and somehow we started flirting, mostly looks and little touches, but he would disappear, reappear, and always watch me. before long we wanted to be alone and went outside to the front porch bench. it was there that he started kissing me and fondling my left boob. "hrmmph!" i thought to myself as i kissed him, "in broad daylight on the front porch!" he had no shame... and frankly, he was turning me on. i woke up appalled. hahahaha! the dodo will be in the office this week so i know this some... weird work dream.

11:58 p.m. - 2005-11-11


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