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shopping with a kid

i had a very large toddler with me, a boy possibly my own, whom i informed regretfully that i would not be able to carry once inside the grocery store. my solution was to put him on my back so i would have my hands free. i told him to put his arms around my neck and not let go, no matter what, but he did and i had to remind him again before we got much beyond the double doors. children!

in the store, i shopped for something in the meat and cheese aisle, and put something back in housewares that didn't belong there. by the time i mosied up to the checkout counter, i'd picked up about 600 bananas and joked with the clerk about them. as i chuckled, i realized that the money in my hand was not enough -- and that my son was gone. for some reason i wasn't too worried about his absence; instead, i went outside to where i thought the car was to get some more cash. it wasn't there and my first thought was that some desperate person had stolen it (my wonderful jalopy)! but, no, i wasn't that lucky: it was way down another row. where the hell was my kid? he seemed to be gone-gone. i woke up before i found him or reached my car.

11:08 p.m. - 2005-11-01


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