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three yr window

i went to the store and bought a mint chocolate chip pie. they were closing in 5 minutes, but the girl said she could decorate it for me. i asked her if she could cover the top in fudge, and then trim it that way too. she said yes and disappeared into the freezer, all the while telling me about a guy who died in there. i wondered if she'd think it was my birthday.

while she was working with the fudge, i went down the hall and ran into m. r. i was very chipper and talkative. "it's my birthday! guess how old i am?" i asked. she gave up, and i said, "19." but that sounded wrong, so i clapped my hand over my mouth and said, "oh my god! no, i'm 24!" and laughed. of course, she and i are both 27, but whatever! then i saw e.d. and yelled, "e.d.!" because i hadn't seen her in almost 20 years. she looked at me rather blankly. i went back to check on my pie, and told the girl who was around. i woke up before i had to pay, and that was a good thing because i only had like a buck on me.

2:08 p.m. - 2003-10-30


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