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i dreamed that several kids were living in my house, college-aged kids, and all of them were shooting up drugs. every last one of them -- including my brother! -- was strung out every day. all of them except me, that is. i was wandering the grounds of our house, lamenting this terrible fact, when i discovered that a big fat guy had died and was buried along the side of our house. gulp!!! who the hell was this guy? i couldn't fathom. it was very important that the lady of the house, whoever SHE was, not find out. so the tweakers, in their infinite wisdom, had placed dozens of empty and crushed soda cans all around his makeshift grave. i walked from that horrible scene into the house where a certain recently-sober actress was strung out again, and into another room where my brother was high as well. "oh, hell no!", i exclaimed to myself. there was verrrry little chance i was going to allow THIS to go on. my father was still living in the house and had no idea what was up. (i guess he only went into certain rooms.) i was wearing a sleeveless shirt in case the cops came around so i could prove i had no track marks. my dad stepped over some cans that had been left near the sliding glass door and conversed with someone. "oh no," i moaned to myself, "i have to tell him t. is doing drugs!" it was just terrible, ratting out my own sibling, but i had to, my conscience wouldn't let me be complacent. besides that, my own resolve not to engage in this stuff was weakening. i wanted to get high too! and that, quite simply, could not happen. i woke up before i told him.

9:07 p.m. - 2006-10-28


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