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dad and i went grocery shopping together. i went to get a tube of meat, but the only package they had was much too big. i dawdled a little, trying to decide whether to ask for a smaller one. then i went to the other side of the store to get some bread and brought it back to the cart. dad already had the meat, bread, and eggs by the time i got back. he was being a litle gruff. i exclaimed that we shouldn't shop together anymore, and we got into a screaming match. i yelled something loud in frustration and said, "i'm outta here!"

as i was jaywalking across the street, i thought, "this is how m. died," and about how much a. cared about her. i made my way down the sidewalk of some clustered mansions and worried briefly if i'd be in trouble for using the shortcut. a guy and his friend on a cell phone were explaining to someone about a body they'd discovered, i didn't thin ktoo much of it until i came upon it myself. it was covered with a pink blanket and i could see the arm outstretched underneath. kind of grossed out, i started to step over it gingerly. my leg was in midair when it scrunched up like a little coblin and moved! i screamed and leapt in the air. it was a kid playing a joke! i just about wet myself.

2:32 p.m. - 2003-07-09


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