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flying, sassing mo'nique, kids

t. and i were sitting on a motorbike at a stoplight. up in the front, a motorcycle cop hovered in the air on his hog. i thought it would be cool if we could do that, too, and just like that -- we did. as we flew through town, i asked him to drop me into the nearest rooftop swimming pool. he refused because of the height.

well, he disappeared and i was hanging out in a hotel pool where mo'nique, the comedienne, was the lifeguard. it was a small pool, and i think i was the only white person in it. for whatever reason, i got snotty with her. i think i was just tired. anyway, i took her outside and told her how sorry i was for being bitchy. she said it was ok.

then that scene disappeared and i was in the bank of america plaza near my house. most of the parking lot was taken up by a children's playground. i surveyed the tubes that were being put in and thought, "where is everyone going to *park* now?" some kids were living in the old store next to the bank. they all crowded around the front door and peered out at the construction. some of the kids came outside and started roughhousing. i didn't think the parents were too attentive. "someone's going to get hurt," i thought to myself. sure enough, just then a boy popped a girl in the mouth with some object and broke her tooth.

3:31 p.m. - 2003-09-16


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