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Putz part II, storm, passivity

1. I was sitting in my grandparents’ living room in LaGrange reflecting on an old friendship I had lost while being a demanding putz. I missed this person at bone level, but I knew I couldn’t effect change. Do I miss the memory of my friendship or my friendship? Something to ponder.

2. A gigantic ugly gray cloud covered the sky in one piece without any warning and I knew we were in big, big trouble. There was nowhere to go to escape it. T was with me in some parking lot downtown. We decided to leave separately and as I stood there looking at him, I decided to give him a hug in case one of us didn’t survive it. I told him to keep texting me to let me knew he was all right.

3, I drove away in an old, old car from the 70s. Where the heck did I get this thing? The shifter was on the top of the steering wheel. I was enjoying that old shifting motion. I drove away and ended up across town where it was sunnier. No clouds. I went to a game place frequented by a different crowd than I’m used to. Certainly they were poor, I’d say the out-of-sight type that people from the suburbs would normally not encounter except in parking lots. Don’t ask me how I happened upon this place. None of them were bad, they were just the type you’d find around Schmoulder highway. Three people were sitting on the floor playing some game I didn’t follow because they were slightly out of view. I think I had wanted to play poker but there weren’t any cards out. I ended up sitting on a couch waiting instead of asking if anyone wanted to get a game going.

8:54 a.m. - 2023-09-14


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