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my lover's daughter

last night, i had a disturbingly confrontational dream about c., my lover's adult daughter. she is a year younger than me, and i dreamed that she came over to my childhood home and frowned on our relationship. it was as if she were denying it much the way my family does. she walked in the front door and wanted to use the phone or something, but i wouldn't let her alone. she told me that she had "sophisticated tastes" and kept trying to make a phone call, but i put my finger down on the clicker and made her listen to me. we walked around the entire house together, arguing about.. what? legitimacy? acceptance? i went into the utility room and hid in the dark. the house was very quiet. she said, "i know you're still in here!" but i said nothing.

1:13 p.m. - 2004-09-11


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