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home it ain't

i rented a small studio apartment for $300/mo. it seemed to be between two other apartments, so i wondered if it had any windows. i thought it was upstairs, too, but it wasn't. as i came downstairs, i heard a woman announce, "i have a new roommate!" i went inside her place, which had a big gate instead of an outer wall, and sat down to assess the place. you know what? there was stuff everywhere, and most of it was pink and fuzzy! eessh. i contemplated cleaning up the joint. then i thought, why bother? i wasn't really bringing anything in anyway. after a while, i left to use the bathroom somewhere else. as i was taking the longest pee ever, her friends walked right into the bathroom on me. i was embarrassed, but they weren't. i was also mid-pee, so what could i do? someone said, "we were wondering where you'd gone!" and i said, "well, you've found me. now... get out!" so much for privacy.

2:42 p.m. - 2003-08-20


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