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Arguing with dad at a restaurant

I was at a restaurant where I kept trying to be seated at tables that hadn't yet been cleared. I didn't want to sit at the bar, then eventually I settled somewhere standing up, eating a dessert. While I took my first nibbles, my father strode in and he was upset. It seems I had been avoiding him and it was time to pay the piper. I thought he was upset because I wanted to buy a different house. We began to argue, or rather... I started talking to him in a harsh manner and he started sobbing. He was not looking directly at me, he was walking away from me actually and out the door. We continued this outside. Another person was around the corner who was going to hear everything but I didn't care. I told him he treated us like a piece of furniture. He made choking sob noises. He said to me, "There are other kids in the world," and I replied, "Yes but we are your kids, we know you best." And he agreed. He had begun to wail when he came and I said, "Thanksgiving was pleasant." I guess... What does that mean? Had I been avoiding him since Thanksgiving?

9:21 a.m. - 2016-08-13


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