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reunited and it feels so ughhh

i was having dinner with my aunt and uncle when my aunt decided to dredge up a skirmish between my uncle and i in an effort to resolve it. as far as i was concerned, it had been resolved eons ago; however, he seemed to be holding a grudge. just as in real life, she started to chastize me until i explained the situation. in the dream, though, i didn't give her much of a chance to start because i cut her off with a look and a warning. it really ticked me off that she would try to take his side!

later, in the living room, i tried to get my grandfather to admit to them (his children) that he'd molested me. he brought up all kinds of red herrings for why he was falsely accused. i tried tactics like, "if you don't tell them, i will," and, "why don't you tell them about xyz?" he wasn't going to admit to anything. i felt aggravated. i woke up before they reacted.

2:18 p.m. - 2004-08-13


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