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Hot women and hot eggs

Dreamed somehow I was attending a garden party where all the women had to be a ten. They said my uncle had been in attendance, but I hadn't seen him. Paris Hilton was on the grounds (my continued unconscious obsession), but something had set her off and she left in a huff with her suitcase on top of her car. I got in a line and looked at my ticket and it said Danielle was number one on the list. I turned around to look for her but couldn't find her. Well I knew I had no business there so I left and went to some old lady's house. I have no (waking) idea who she was. She was showing me some things she had made that were multicolored eggs. They were made out of something pliable like stretchable fabric or I don't know what. She was trying to get them smaller so I started manipulating them myself. As we were doing that her daughter in law came in and said that it was 98 degrees in the apartment. It did not feel that hot.

1:33 p.m. - 2017-07-08


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