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mrs. brown's will and a blind eye

i was sitting in a friend's apartment silently fretting about how i will survive once my benefactor dies, when my friend unexpectedly informed me that a former neighbor had included me in her will. "a mrs. brown," she said. i looked out the window at mrs. brown's apartment building and saw a female gardener's corpse laying on the sidewalk, mascara smeared everywhere and dirt all over her body. a car pulling out of the underground garage did not stop. why had no one called the police? well, i didn't call them either; instead, i went back to pondering relationships. i never got the impression mrs. brown thought much of me. 'well, god bless her,' i thought to myself. my friend and i left the apartment, drove down the road, and discovered more bodies in ditches next to crumpled cars. what was going on out there? the police were on the scene of a few of them, thankfully. all i continued to do was rubberneck.

12:33 p.m. - 2005-07-03


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