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marilyn manson, mall piercer/tattooist

i went to this store like hot topic, but bigger and brighter. i was browsing around w hen i discovered that their popular piercer/tattooist was marilyn manson! i was like, "wow... can't believe he works here." while he pierced people (women, mostly), he applied and removed his own makeup, settling for a half-off, half-on look (white face). then he took me on as his little project and put a stud in my hand, another in my side. the 2nd one hurt more.

when i looked at it, i saw the faint outline of a martini glass. just as i was about to say that i don't drink, he said that he'd filled it in with coke. that made me both happy & verklempt at the same time.

eventually, i made it to the cash register. marilyn was up there, and my euphoric mood was tapering off. as i tried to concentrate on the insane credit card form they'd given me -- it had the make/model of my car, signature line, a "rank these albums" section, and some other crap on it -- i realized it had everything on it but the cost of my purchases. i asked the clerk, "how much was all this?" she replied, "$500." "$500???" i questioned, and proceeded to yell and freak out. i got up in marilyn's face and yelled, "you never once told me how much any of this was!" i was horrified about putting it on the joint card. i didn't have a job, so where was i going to get $500 in one month? the clerk was unsympathetic. she was like "hurry up and sign this, we're closing." marilyn's gf had shown up while i was yelling, and was tugging his sleeve to go. i signed it but refused to fill out the albums thing. it was a small protest.

3:13 a.m. - 2003-07-05


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