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missed flight, underwear, lawsuit, becker

i was supposed to catch a flight to chicago, but for some reason i missed it intentionally. that allowed me to scramble, panic, and either arrive by magic or catch a later flight.

then i found a bunch of my own unworn underwear on the bar of a huge tourist nightclub. did i wonder why the hell it was there? no! i was just happy to have more pairs. i walked out of the bar and ran right into a woman whom i later found out was suing me. the nerve! she was some blond bitch who looked like s.s., an old english professor.

stupidly, she talked to her client about me and my offenses while i was in the next room. i distinctly heard my name and demanded to know what was being said. she ignored me, but i did catch that i had once watched "becker." oh, the humiliation! an image of ted danson flashed through my mind. i was more embarrassed about being identified in open court as a becker watcher than any crime i might have committed! heh!! guess i am that shallow.

9:12 a.m. - 2004-05-15


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