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Dad Rwood decor

Dreamed I was in the old bedroom on R, but it was larger and kind of professionally decorated. The focus was on the art on the walls, which is a direct result of Frk and I discussing my Picasso knockoff yesterday. Dad showed up while I was standing in the room. I believe I pining for him as always and suddenly he was there. I asked him where he's been and he didn't quite have an answer. At least this time he spoke to me like there is a relationship. He indicated he really didn't care for the decor, and I said that if we'd been able to communicate with him it might've been more to his liking. I said, "We haven't been able to reach you at all, and mom's gone too." Mom of course did not ever live there, but the point is they are both deceased. He wasn't especially making eye contact that I recall, but he was there and that was enough for me.

11:35 a.m. - 2015-05-09


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