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candy and death

i was walking around a school during a fair of some kind when a thug on the landing of a stairwell ordered me to pick up some swag from his buddy's table. i thanked him and said, "no, i already have some things in my hand," but he kept trying to get me over there. finally i stupidly went over there and explained to the uninvolved person that i already had candy in my hand and no room for other stuff. he just smiled and sent me on my way, but the other people at the table kind of stopped what they were doing while i was there. as i headed into the bathroom to wash my hands, a woman stopped me and told me of someone's death. apparently our friend had had a brain aneurysm while driving in the mountains, and nothing could be done for him at the hospital. i ran out of there, raced "home," and commenced packing a bag for the funeral. only... it wasn't my house, it was much fancier, and the clothes i packed weren't mine per se either. details, details! i woke up before finishing.

10:51 a.m. - 2006-04-25


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