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get out, i want a donut

long, long dream about being on a boat. i was walking around the ship, feeling like i was missing out, when i happened upon four or five couples in a room off the deck. inside the room were a lot of donuts, too, and i wanted one. but i wanted them all to leave first. outside on the deck was a rough and tumble activity where 3 people (with life jackets on) rolled on top of each other and tried not to fall off the boat. everyone went out to watch but one couple. i eyed a donut and said, "if anyone should be clinging to the side of the boat for dear life, it's you two!" and they laughed. the guy was like, "whaaa?" so they went out side with me. the guy, sans life jacket, grabbed the hand of the nearest party girl and -- with full clothes on -- jumped 20-30 feet down into the water. only... he was too close to the boat and smashed his leg into the side of it. it made a terrible sound. i was like, argh, and wondered if i'd be held responsible. i never did get a donut!

2:59 a.m. - 2003-07-05


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