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no foot in the ass

first, i dreamed i was visiting my ex at someone's house, and that he got sexual with me. i didn't like it.

next, i dreamed that a. came to visit me at long last. i picked him up in the white car, and we drove right to the funster swimming pool/juice bar to see if we could pull a fast one on gravox. (he was manning the front desk.) grav wasn't fooled; he knew who we were immediately, though he didn't say so. he just gave me a knowing smile and asked when my birthday was. actually, he did -- i forgot. he tried to identify me by my car, also, but since it's been so many years since we've talked, he got it wrong. he thought i was driving a green car, but of course it isn't. when we got outside, someone familiar was sitting in the driver's seat of a school bus. we piled into the car anyway, and drove right into oncoming traffic. scary!

then, as i whizzed down the street, i saw n.t. walking up the avenue like the dork that he is, bow tie and all. i pointed him out, but before turning the corner we got out of the vehicle and went back up the street to within eyesight of funster's front desk. a. bent over so i could climb on his back for a piggyback, but he wouldn't let me insert my foot in his ass. i was willing to take my shoe off, but he wouldn't hear of it. i insisted that it was necessary "for leverage," but the argument was dead on arrival. we ended up fighting in the middle of the street with gravox watching, a most embarrassing situation -- and an all-too-familiar one.

9:26 a.m. - 2004-02-12


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