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holy dirt

i dreamed of a particular church again, one with 1400 year old dirt on the windows and a locked courtyard. a little girl with a squeegee complained that she "just wanted to wash the windows," but her mother said she would want to leave the dirt there because of the shadows. i was going to wash them for her 'til i pondered that reasoning. that kind of dirt gives a place character! i resolved to go inside and look for her mom, but i didn't get far since the gate was locked. fortunately a woman approached it and jiggled the lock a certain way and let us all inside. my attention shifted from the girl to the goods on sale: my grandmother's handmade blankets! i picked up my favorite and had a memory of her listening to morrissey while crocheting. what a great lady she was, trying to get inside the mind of her then 15 year old granddaughter to make her something special. i woke up before buying my own blanket.

9:36 a.m. - 2006-01-31


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