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i went to the place where we usually hang out, and everything was normal. i twas a storefront establishment where famous and regular people intermingled. i watched a dvd of just gandalf, then went outside. when i returned, the place was gone. gone! i panicked because i needed to call a., and i didn't have a phone or any money. i saw calista flockhart across the grass and called out to her, but she didn't hear me. then i sat down on a short stone railing and waited for someoen to come.

a few minutes later, diane keaton sat down and we chatted like old friends. just as i was asking for jack nicholson's phone number, he walked up to us looking completely disheveled. he hadn't seen a. either. my eyed flitted down to an open newspaper page. a quarter-page ad read, "a.h.: you're nobody important. who do you think you are?" i thought it was pretty rude and that he'd be mad when he saw it. i sat between diane and jack on the seat, and soon i had my arms around them both. for some reason, we were then on our backs that way, and it seemed perfectly natural.

i still had to find a. though, so i excused myself and got into my car. as i drove down one road and then the next, i spotted him hanging off the back of a truck! i could see his blue eeyes from a few cars back and made a positive ID. the truck was driven by a blonde girl he'd said he didn't like. hmmm.

4:23 p.m. - 2003-12-26


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