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fish redemption

idling in a canoe on a shallow lake, i stuck my arm over the side and groped around for as many fish as possible. i managed to wrestle into the canoe a catfish, a marlin, and some other slimy wrigglers, and then went back to the dock to redeem them for money. in order to do this, i had to crawl head-first into a hole cut in the end of a coffin. the vendor didn't think i would make it, but i did. i only got a dollar and some change for my fish, but it was enough for me. as i walked down to the fountain to throw in the change, p. from work and e. from HG* ushered me into an office and pointed out some mistakes i'd made while fishing. apparently CFB* sponsored the event and i had made some illegal boating moves. "alright," i conceded, "i'll try to do better next time." sheesh.

*scrambled names

12:28 a.m. - 2005-12-22


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