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i was playing a game with a couple friends when i realized that the body of water we were in was much larger. when we were most of the way done, one girl floated out to sea -- out of the reach of help.

then i was standing at the bow of a ship with a large, laundry-sized basket of fruit in my arms. i was looking down at some people on a smaller ship, who were laughing and yelling stuff to someone on my right. one of them said they wanted to see the movie _elf_, and that sounded like fun to me. i wished i could go. i reached into my basket and tore out the netting, then snapped the lid down on the basket.

THEN, i jumped off the side of the ship into the water! i wished i'd thought it through, because the basket of fruit pulled me down deep. i realized that if i didn't drop the basket, i was going to drown. i felt very stupid. was i really going to try to get onto the smaller boat with this gift? what was i going to say when i reached the surface sans-gift?

4:32 p.m. - 2003-12-21


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