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really public restroom

i was interviewing with someone when i had an overwhelming urge to defecate. unfortunately, the office had no separate bathrooms; ie - you had to do your business in plain sight. well, pooping in public, especially on a job interview, in my mind just won't do. i left the office.

when i went over to farnes and shnoble, sadly, it was the same situation. i eventually sat on a toilet and took the longest pee ever. it was like that adam sandler song, where you feel relieved, but it just doesn't stop. when i finished i looked in the bowl and realized there was about 10 feet of water in there. i got off the pot and went to meet j. downstairs. however, i encountered "richard the caller" at the top of the escalator and quickly turned around. close one!! j. and his grandmother rode down the thing with me and walked over to a food outlet for a snack, like a hot dog. j. and i ordered 2 non-alcoholic drinks and the bill was $17, helpfully preprinted on a napkin. the napkin had tons of other writing on it and we could barely see the bill. there was much teeth gnashing because the cost of these things was supposed to be more like $3. j. started arguing with the attendant. i tried to overrule him in my usual way, but he wasn't having it. so instead i started to flirt with the other attendant. (ha, ha.) the guy next to me got a little close and my ear rubbed him again and again. i admit it, i liked it. (wtf?)

1:33 p.m. - 2007-12-18


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