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my elementary religion class met in the parking lot of burger king and had a very special visitor last night: mr. evil america. he was dressed devilishly in a red leotard, red tights, horns, and a cape, and delighted f. with an autograph and hand-drawn self portrait. i'm not sure how i felt about him, but i didn't make him leave.

then i dreamed of leaving a woman's house o' snakes. a man predicted i would have trouble getting out, but i had no fear. i climbed into my car, found myself at school, and had an immediate parking fracas with another driver. i ditched my car and walked to the crosswalk, crossed the street, and went to some guy's house. we spent some platonic time in his bedroom before he took me out to the living room. once there, i looked over my shoulder and discovered a sunken living room i'd never noticed before. my friend said, "shut up, you've been in there before." i didn't remember it. he started talking about how his cat loved to play with women's underwear, so i took mine off right there and threw it over. the fuck! it was promptly shredded to pieces. i don't know what that means at all, yikes.

1:31 p.m. - 2004-12-16


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