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the cards, part 6

every dream i've had this week has been a full blown work/anxiety nightmare. they all have to do with "the cards," which are 8 X 10 landscape style cards with donor and non-donor information on them, and the back office.... where the magic happens. we just got a new person to handle the cards because the previous (also new) person proved to be UTTERLY INCOMPETENT. the last person, the cause of most of my nightmares, actually argued with me one night last week for THREE WHOLE MINUTES that AK is the abbreviation for ARKANSAS and that the cards were properly labeled with the orange marker that denotes CENTRAL TIME ZONE. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

can you understand now why i keep waking up in a cold sweat from dreams where she's looking at me with a totally blank expression on her face, handing me a stack of cards? hahahaha!

12:25 p.m. - 2005-12-15


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